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Cooking Pots

There are many factors to consider in successful cooking. The type and quality of ingredients used and the skill of the cook affect the cooking outcome. Another crucial factor in cooking is the choice of kitchenware. This is why knowledge of different kitchen tools is basic in cooking. One of the tools you should learn about is the cooking pot.

What are cooking pots

Cooking pots are kitchenware in the form of pans and bowls that are used for cooking food.

Advantages of knowing the different types of cooking pots

Different types of cooking pots are made from different materials and may also come in varying sizes and shapes. Knowing the different cooking pots will help you decide what tool to use in cooking a specific dish.

Different types of cooking pots

There are many types of cooking pots. Here are some of them:

*Stock pots - These cooking pots have flat bottoms, tall sides and double handles. These are used for cooking large batch of soup stocks.
*Dutch ovens - These cooking pots are large and deep. These are used for slow cooking.
*Saucepans - They have long handles and flat bottoms. These are used in boiling pasta and making sauces.
*Woks - These Asian style pans are used in fry cooking and steaming.

Different materials of cooking pots

Cooking pots are made from different materials. Some cooking pots are made from materials that can withstand extreme temperatures. There are also cooking pots with materials that can only be used using controlled temperatures. The following are some of these materials:

*Aluminum and copper - These metals conduct heat well. Usually, cooking pots made from these materials are layered with tin, as these materials react with acids that could alter the flavour and colour of the food.
*Cast iron - This metal is slow to heat. The advantage of cooking pots made from this metal is that they can endure extreme temperature. Pots made from this metal are also layered with tin.
*Stainless steel - This metal does not react with acidic food. This is also resistant to corrosion, which makes it safe from rusting.
*Glass - Cooking pots made of glass give you the advantage of seeing your food while it is still being cooked.
*Ceramic - Cooking pots made of ceramic may be glazed or unglazed. One advantage of using ceramic pots is that it gives you a non-stick surface for cooking.

Where to buy cooking pots

If you want to buy cooking pots, you can do so in kitchenware shops. You can also order these items online. In buying, you must choose cooking pots that are easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing, and, of course, right for your budget.